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Let experienced studios produce your baby garments

When designing baby garments, there comes a time for the production of your line for when you want to actually sell the articles. An exciting time, for now you will get to see what your production looks like in reality and you will be able to offer it in your shop, via online sales or via retailers. The production of baby garments is one of the specialties of We have advanced studios in Amsterdam, as well as in Turkey, Poland and Bulgaria. Your baby garments are produced here at sharp rates. ensures your articles will be produced here according to your wishes, as well as ensuring they are ready to sell.

Reconditioning your baby garments

The production of baby garments often takes place outside of Europe. After that, it will be shipped in boxes to The Netherlands, resulting in wrinkles and creases in the garments. Of course, your garments are not presentable in this way. We make sure that the shipment is reconditioned so that you can produce the garments as new to your customers. You can have the garments available on hangers, or in any other fashion you like for presentation in your shop, or for online selling. Baby clothes manufacturer

Baby garment production for every entrepreneur delivers both to large producers and small designers. So, whether you desire to produce a large known fashion chain or just a small collection for online sales from your home, we are there to transform your designs into products. You will send us your patterns, which we will be able to grade for you to ensure your collection can become be available in different sizes. In some cases, a small order arrives within four weeks. For larger projects, we will give you an estimate of the expected delivery date. This is dependent on the possibilities at our studios. Contact us for more information. Baby clothes manufacturer

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Baby clothes Childrenswear manufacturer
Baby clothes Childrenswear manufacturer