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We are regularly approached by designers who have sewing patterns that need to be digitized and graded. Digitizing means that we make a digital version of a pattern. Grading means that we can make different sizes of a pattern. So if you are a designer and you have some patterns, we can easily make them digital for you. This makes it a lot easier to work with when you want to start producing clothes. We can also adjust patterns if you wish.

Of course, some designers and companies need patterns. We have a large collection of sewing patterns for cozy dresses like this dark green prom dress, trousers, shirts and baby clothing. Our patterns are delivered in an .mdl file or an .hpgl file. With these formats, you can work with the pattern and calculate how much fabric you need to produce the collection.

The complete sewing patterns service of Alliance Productions

Apart from the sewing patterns service, there is a lot more we can do for you. When the pattern is ready to use, sampling is the next step. We can make you a sample so you can see if the size, fit and finish are to your liking. Of course, we will work on the sample until everything is the way it should be and you are completely happy with it.

After the sampling phase, we move to the production phase. We produce and deliver within four weeks. This means your collection is ready to hit the stores very quickly. Of course, it is also possible to have your collection reconditioned by us. This way your clothing will look perfect once it hangs in the store.

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Do you want to have your sewing patterns digitized and graded? Or are you searching for patterns? We can provide this with the pattern service of Alliance Productions.

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