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The sampling of your design is a very important phase in the process of clothing production. That is why we take this very seriously. We make a sample based on the pattern of your choosing. This is essential because this is how we determine the right size, fit and finish of the product. This is the perfect moment to make changes to the design. We adjust the sample until it’s perfect and ready for production. This is how we make sure you will have the perfect collection.

The benefits of sampling at Alliance Production

We make samples, prototypes and small-scale productions for you. Thanks to our Cadcam Lectra system we are extremely flexible. We can switch very fast and can easily respond to your wishes. Depending on your wishes we do the sampling in the Netherlands or other countries like Turkey, Bulgaria or Poland.
The possibilities concerning sampling are endless:
• Make alterations in clothing.
• Shorten and lengthen clothing.
• Place new zippers.
• Place new lining.
• Repair clothing in Amsterdam.
• Insert or move labels.
• Press or change printers or rivets.
• Making buttonholes.
• Sewing on buttons.
• Add extra stitching.

Our amazing alternating clothing service

You can always contact us if you want to use our services. And don’t hesitate to ask us your questions. Do you have a specific request? Please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Your collection is save with us.

Sampling Alliance Production
Sampling Alliance Production

Sampling for your clothing production | Alliance Productions
Alliance Productions is here to make all your samples and prototypes. We don’t stop until your design has the perfect fit, size and finish.

Fashion Textile Sampling Alliance Production

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